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Hand Sweating

Among those patients who suffer from focal excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) the most common form of this is excessive hand sweating also known as palmar hyperhidrosis. It affects about 1 ½ % of the population world-wide. There are some areas in the world where the prevalence of hyperhidrosis is higher. Obviously excessive sweaty hands can cause serious functional and social problems for people in their everyday lives. The severe cases usually start in early childhood and continue on into their adult lives. There is a genetic history in about 50% of those patients indicating a genetic connection.

In early life those individuals need support from their family and friends. This can be a very difficult condition both in social and every day functional situations. Conservative measures should be attempted to control this but they do have limited success. There is a variety of lotions, oral medications, electrical devices and Botox injections.

In order to achieve a long-term solution after trying and not succeeding with conservative measures a surgical approach should be considered. The operation is known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS). It is a minimally invasive procedure done on an outpatient basis with a success rate of 98-99%. This procedure has been developed and refined since the early 90’s.If you suffer from hyperhidrosis you should familiarize yourself with the procedure, success rate and side effects. You should discuss your condition with your physician or consider finding a leading hyperhidrosis surgeon who has the appropriate experience. Please make sure that you talk to the actual surgeon and not someone who does not perform the actual procedure. Learn more about this procedure, visit our ETS page.

Also since the operation has some side effects a potential patient should be familiar with what the side effects are and a thorough discussion between the patient and the surgeon should take place.

Learn more about hyperhidrosis:


How long does the hand sweating procedure take to do? Can I exercise afterwards?

Hey man, for some ETS has compensatory sweating as side effect. You will sweat on your back and chest, rather use Electro Antiperspirant...

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