Hyperhidrosis - Alternative treatments and methods

The most popular among the lotions are those based on aluminum chloride salts (medicated deodorants). They come in different strengths and are available with prescription. The metal salt complex produces a precipitation in the sweat gland duct which supposedly blocks those ducts and hence reduces the amount of perspiration. Every person with excessive hand sweating should try this preparation before any decision is made with regard to surgery. There are online preparations such as Maxim which produces less irritation.

Oral Medications
For years physicians were trying to treat excessive hand sweating with oral medications which basically tried to block certain neurotransmitters that involved in the production of sweat. This particular group of medications is known as anticholinergic drugs. They have some effect but basically it is a minimal one. Side effects such as blurry vision and dry mouth usually limit the usage of those medications.

Electronic Devices (Iontophoresis Machine)
Electric machines are being used in medical care in different areas. Special devices known as "Iontophoretic Devices" are used for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. The exact mechanism in which they reduce the amount of excessive hand sweating is not really known. There are two main devices on the market. One is Drionic and the other is Fischer. They are available commercially or with prescription. The success rate in severe cases is minimal but again they should be tried before surgical intervention is made. Side effects such as pain and discomfort are common.

Other Measures
Acupuncture, bio-feedback and anti-anxiety medications have been tried as well in attempts to control focal hyperhidrosis. Those measures are met with little or no success at all.

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